The Coolum Tennis Committee were pleased to welcome Councillor Steve Robinson to inspect the building that Sunshine Coast Regional Council contributed to. Doug Bosworth, the Project Organiser, Des Adsett, President and Noelene Cook, Secretary showed off the building that has already been put to use.  We could also show how well patronised our centre is, with all courts in use and potential hirers turned away for lack of space.  We have several timeslots where this happens. Steve enjoyed the conviviality of the social players resting between sets.
Following in the  wake of our recent visitors, we welcomed Alan and Margret Hale for a fortnight.  Alan is still an active member and helps in an advisory capacity dealing with our Business Plan, Constitution and Coach’s contract.  His input is invaluable.  Alan also was able to meet new members and have several games of tennis.  Margret is back playing after a shoulder injury and she enjoyed some hard fought social matches. We hope to see them regularly in the future.
With such a well used centre, we like to have the courts looking good. We hope to have all the boards up to date in the near future.   There are plenty of other volunteer jobs that need doing.  Please check our job board.  Thanks to the social girls who help with the weeding.  A little bit regularly makes large working bees unnecessary and keeps the centre looking good.