July 2020
EXCITING NEWS!!! – Hardcourt upgrade –  the Coolum Tennis Club is about to undergo a transformation. The existing four hardcourts will be rebuilt and the fencing upgraded. The clubhouse is also set for a renovation. The projects are expected to be completed in late 2020-early 2021. Watch this space for updates  
The Tennis Club forms part of the sports complex on David Low Way just north of Coolum Beach.The Sports Complex includes the swimming pool, netball, football, cricket, touch football and rugby league clubs and is conveniently located within walking distance from Coolum High School and the main commercial and residential area of Coolum Beach.

The Club was established in 1987, and was originally run in association with the swimming pool sharing facilities.

A separate clubhouse was built at the southern end of the pool complex and was used independently until the present clubhouse was obtained and placed in its present position in 1997. It has always been independently run by its own committee.

In 1996 two new artificial grass courts were built, and are named after the Club’s current Patron, Laurie Bruhl. In February, 2011, these courts were refurbished with a new Multisport “Elite” synthetic grass surface.

Early in 2007, the Club built new toilet and shower facilities as an extension to the original clubhouse, incorporating full wheel-chair access for handicapped people. The inaugural “Coolum Classic” Wheelchair Tournament was conducted at the Club in May, 2011.

In November 2009, the six hardcourts were resurfaced in Australian Open “True Blue” colours in a major upgrade bringing the courts up to the standard approved by Tennis Australia for tournament play. Fencing was replaced at the same time.

The Club has provided the services of a professional tennis coach since 1987.

Leon ready for work.

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